I am originally from London. I became interested in dog training when I was a young teenager.

My family had a beautiful cross breed, half beagle, half unknown. We rescued her as a pup. I named her Jenny and she was more mine than others in my family.

Jenny was beautiful and deserved more than I could have given her back then.

When walking Jenny in the park she would often run off to see other dogs. I had no idea on how to get her back so I’d be running around to try and catch her. I realise now I was doing the wrong thing to get her to come to me. I had little control of Jenny.

One day I was out walking her. Jenny was about 6 months old then. She was annoyingly pulling on the leash as always. Jenny spotted a dog across the road and she took off, slipping her collar. A car was heading down the road and I watched, almost in slow motion, as the car breaked with a screech.

Jenny was under the car.

I cried out to her and then amazingly she ran out from just behind the front wheel. Jenny ran straight home and I ran in panic as fast as I could behind her.

When I got home, Jenny was on the doorstep cut, bleeding and shaking but thankfully nothing broken and thankfully alive.

I never want to witness something like that again.